About US

When it comes to Music. We are the jack of all trades.
Master of a few. Mastering a few more.
All the time. Everytime.

Here's all that we do. And yes, we do cause we love to.
Here's our check list!

Music Production

We do all that it takes to convert a merely composed prototype into a completely produced record.

Audio Engineering

We hold technicalities for professional recordings to the mixing & mastering, with our ultimate goal to uphold sound quality.

Original Scores

We do dedicated original film scores for in demand scenarios. Also, we do ad jingles and scores.

Independent Singles

We are into independent music and got singles lined up. From composing, producing to writing, vocals to recording, mixing & mastering we do everything ourselves.

Genre Neutral

We do all genres and love exploring. Amalagamation of the east to the west. Combining the old with the emerging. We are always in search for the unusual and the fresh!


 The journey of chasing your dreams, is indeed LIFE.
And, yes we are DREAMERS 


Anirudh Yeramalli

Manoj Hathwar

Our Work

Dil Raju - King of Hearts

A Musical. Something new and fresh.
Total Massness and Madness.
Watch, Listen and enjoy.

We bring to you The SparkFest 2016

The SparkFest 2016.
Where Passion meets Profession.
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